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Toes are straightened for many reasons. Commonly the toes are crooked, and we call this either a hammer toe, a claw toe, or across over toe. In order to straighten the toe or toes, the knuckle of the top of the toe is usually cut, and the toe is straightened by removing a small portion of the knuckle. In order to hold the toe straight following the surgery, a small pin (we call this a K-wire) is commonly inserted into the toe for about three to four weeks. Invariably the middle part of the toe is stiff following the surgery, but will bend where the toe joins the foot. There are different types of surgery to the toe specifically, some of which are called an arthrodesis (where the toe is intentionally stiffened), and the other an arthroplasty (where bone is removed from the knuckle, and a little movement may still be present). Frequently in order to straighten the toe, the part where the toe joins the metatarsal also requires surgery. Here the tendons have to be released, cut or lengthened to straighten the toe.

Treatment of Toe DEFORMITY

The requirements and expectations of every patient are taken into consideration, and a decision is made which would best suit your lifestyle and needs.

There are many types of surgery which can be performed. The decision as to which surgery is best for you is based on bone and joint factors such as the quality of the bone and the severity of the toe deformity.

There are also patient factors to take into consideration including your occupation, how much time you spend on your feet, how active your lifestyle is, your exercise interests, your weight, and if you have certain medical conditions such as diabetes which may affect the healing of the surgery.

During our consultation all of the above will be meticulously performed with a definite plan and solution to your ailment to meet your expectations and give you the best quality of life possible.


Toe Deformity - Brachymetatarsia


Hammer Toe / Claw Toe