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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive


Minimally invasive surgery is performed using small incisions (cuts) with a few stitches or none at all (taping) rather than the large cuts often needed in traditional open surgery.

There are many kinds of of minimally invasive surgeries which is surgeon and training specific to that particular

Not all conditions are amenable to minimally invasive surgery as there are certain limitations dependent on severity of condition and expectations of the patient.

This is an exciting area of surgical specialties in today’s ever evolving and fast paced technologically driven world as patient demands for cosmetically pleasing and quicker recoveries drive innovation in a safe and ethical way.

Instrumentation is completely different and either involves an endoscope (thin tube of the light and tiny video camera) which will be used in arthroscopies of various joints, or specialised high-speed burs that are used in osteotomies (cutting and realigning bones) for various deformities.

Minimally invasive surgery may cause less pain, scarring and damage to healthy tissue and the patient may have a
faster recovery than with traditional surgery hence limiting time away from work and vital daily functions.