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Dr Daniel nunes is an orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in lower limb surgery. He is a member of the South African Orthopaedic Association (SAOA), South African Foot Surgeons Association (SAFSA) and the American Orthopaedic foot and ankle Society (AOFAS). He is internationally fellowship trained in the United States in foot and ankle conditions in addition to Australia in minimally invasive foot surgery. Dr Nunes ensures a meticulous workup of all cases providing the most appropriate treatment modality. He prides himself in maintaining professional, open and honest communication with patients at all times.



Dr Daniel Nunes is backed by years of experience as well as certification of the highest grade having completed fellowship’s in USA and Australia. He brings to you cutting edge technology and surgical procedures which may be performed for a multitude of foot and ankle pathologys encompassing arthritis, trauma, deformities and sports injuries.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries

This is an exciting area of surgical specialties in today’s ever evolving and fast paced technologically driven world as patient demands for cosmetically pleasing and quicker recoveries drive innovation in a safe and ethical way. Minimally invasive surgery may cause less pain, scarring and damage to healthy tissue and the patient may have a faster recovery than with traditional surgery hence limiting time away from work and vital daily functions.

Less pain. Faster recovery. Smaller incisions.


An ankle replacement as the name implies is a procedure for ankle arthritis when the ankle joint has worn out all of its cartilage resulting in a painful and stiff ankle and greatly impacts the patient’s activities of daily living. In order to replace the ankle joint the tibial plafond (shin bone) and the talus (ankle bone) need to be removed and replaced with a mechanical orthopaedic implant. The tibial component is often a combination of specialised metal (trabecular metal) and plastic (polyethylene) and the talus component steel alloy. It is important to realise that this is a mechanical moving part and specifically designed for low demand patients and is not suitable as a result for young patients is the average life span of a total ankle replacement is approximately 15-20  years.

Revision Surgeries

It is unfortunate that we sometimes undergo surgeries for various reasons be it elective or emergency and the desired outcome is far from favourable resulting in an immense impact on activities of daily living and social life. This may require repeat surgery in order to correct the underlying complication. The revision consultations that I see range from simple orthopaedic implant irritation to complete failure (malunion, non-union, sepsis, recurrence) of surgical goal resulting in severe deformities and inability to weight-bear.

Sports Injuries

As South Africans we come from a culture of being outdoors and participating in sports as we live in a beautiful country amenable to this sort of lifestyle. Most of us will at some point be out hiking in the mountains, running or biking on a trail or participating in our old boy’s or old girls weekend sporting event. It is inevitable to sustain an injury resulting in various levels of incapacitation and in some instances requiring hospitalisation and surgery.

I have a special interest in sports injuries and I have successfully treated professional athletes as well as weekend Warriors.


Tendon surgery encompasses a wide variety of tendinopathy’s (diseased tendon) for various reasons which may include overuse (sports injuries or physically demanding occupations), physiological conditions causing degeneration (diabetes, gout, rheumatoid), iatrogenic (caused as a result of medical intervention such as antibiotic administration or accidentally during surgery) and physiological degeneration (old age).

Techniques used to treat a diseased tendon depend on the cause for the tendon and often requires a team of medical professionals working together in order to prevent reinjury (physician, physio, Biokineticist, chiropractor, dietician).


Dr Nunes is NOT contracted in with any of the medical schemes and all patient will receive an up front quotation prior to any surgical procedures. A 10% discount will be given on any short falls if the outstanding balance is settled within 30 days of receiving
the account.
– Consultations must be paid for on the day and claimed back from the medical scheme.
– Completion of insurance forms are billed for with or without consultation and are NOT included within the consultation fee.